Case Studies

Case Studies

| July 26, 2017

O’Connell Middle School

O’Connell Middle School

Three ROL tutors with experience in teaching ESL were placed in ESL reading/writing classrooms at this Middle School. Tutors were present in class every school day, for the duration of the day, between January and May of 2015. Tutors started with an observation period in December of 2014 to acclimate to the classrooms and build rapport with students.

Right On Learning supplemented in-class learning and collaborated with classroom teachers to help students who were struggling academically due to a language barrier, behavioral challenges, or other obstacles to learning. Tutors worked with teachers to assist in lesson planning and classroom management. Tutors were responsible for individual or small group pull-out during the school day. In addition to academic support, tutors served as mentors to many students, encouraging them academically, socially, and emotionally. As many students were NEP, tutors worked closely to get them to grade level and used their native language when possible to assist them. Tutors would also participate in team building activities with students, to build a positive and close relationship. Each student within the specified classrooms was seen at a minimum of once a week with an evaluation completed after the sessions to inform further teaching methods.

An important piece to helping students succeed in the ESL program was mentoring students on a daily basis, as well as assisting in their assignments. Tutors became a motivation source for students a resource on post-secondary education, future job opportunities, and real world job experience.

Program Goals/Focus:

Deliver onsite tutoring in ESL classrooms to:

  • increase academic speaking and listening language skills
  • increase proficiency in reading and writing skills
  • increase retention and graduation completion rates for at-risk populations
  • increase knowledge and awareness of workforce and academic pathways for continued job readiness or skills attainment

No. Students served: apx. 300

Duration: January 2015 – May 2015

Data Collection and Results:
Right On Learning tutors would fill out lesson plans for each individual class on a daily basis. This included notating student’s needs, learning gaps, and future plan of action.

Observed Successes:
In order to measure progress, ROL tutors administered WIDA testing for listening and speaking for ESL students at the beginning and end of the year. With data collected from WIDA testing, there was a 76% improvement in ESL students in Speaking and 63% in Listening.

Tutors also saw weekly improvement in students not only academically, but also in student’s motivation, drive, and overall confidence in class participation. Student grades also increase, permitting the majority to pass the class and receive credit.

The effectiveness of the ROL programs are shown to heighten the workforce readiness by increasing confidence and adding or improving the skills in each better positioning them for the next step to take on further training, education or vocational/technical skills development. In addition, an increased retention of at risk students improves their success and preparedness for real world opportunities.

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